Tobacco Honey Type

Tobacco Honey Type

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Top Notes: Honey, Cloves, Anise 

Middle Notes: Tobacco, Tonka Bean, Sesame 

Base Notes: Argarwood (Oud), Sandalwood 

Our impression of  Guerlain Tobacco Honey

Retail: $395  (Unisex Scent) 



*Alcohol Free


*Clean, Vegan + Cruelty Free 


Our perfume oils are 100% pure uncut and highly concentrated. 

Discover delightful fragrances with our Pure Perfume Oils. Using 100% pure, uncut oils for maximum potency, our affordable fragrances offer the same luxurious scent of high-end brands at a fraction of the cost. With the convenience of travel-friendly oils that are free from fillers and alcohol, you'll find the perfect scent no matter your budget or lifestyle.


Directions: Apply to pulse points (neck, chest, wrist, behind the ear), lightly rolling the ball onto the skin to release the fragrance.


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