Chamomile Bath + Body Oil

Chamomile Bath + Body Oil

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Chamomile Bath + Body Oil is a plant-based oil that uses chamomile herbs to calm, heal and restore skin. Light oil nourishes and hydrates skin, acting as a natural moisturizer. Use as a bath or massage oil to soothe and heal skin.



* Light oil provides moisture without feeling heavy or greasy.

* Good moisturizer for extremely dry sensitive skin.

* Soothes dry skin like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis etc. 

* Calms nerves and encourages restful sleep

* Great for using in a relaxing bath or body massage 




Key Ingredients: 

Roman Chamomile: is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral, helps soothe and heal the skin. It calms the nerves and encourages restful sleep. 

Calendula: is rich in flavonoids that stimulate cellular regeneration, promote wound healing and decrease the appearance of scars. 



Use a few drops in the bath, or gently massage into clean, damp skin. Can be warmed to create a relaxing body massage. Shake well before use.