Activated Charcoal Mask

Activated Charcoal Mask

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This invigorating charcoal face mask draws out impurities and refines the appearance of pores for healthy looking skin. 


Activated Charcoal: Deeply detoxes, absorbs environmental toxins and dissolves impurities. 

*Reduces acne 

*Reduces pore size

*Gently Exfoliates

*Deep cleans your skin

*Removes excess oils from skin

*Brightens the skin

*Absorbs Toxins 


Bentonite Clay: Is a healing clay best known for its skin healing properties. The clay will remove impurities and bacteria leaving your skin feeling tight and clean. 

*Removes toxins from skin

*Minimize pores

*Softens and smoothed skin

*Treats acne and breakouts 

*Regulates face oil 

Turmeric Powder: 

*Clears pores and reduces acne

*Decreases wrinkles

*Brightens skin

*Minimizes signs of aging 


How To Use: Apply mask evenly all over face preferably using a mask brush. After mask is applied, meditate and relax for about 10-20 min. Remove with warm water. Follow up with a moisturizer. 

How to mix: Mix 1 tbsp of powder with water in small bowl until a spreadable mix is formed. Apply paste to clean face with clean finger tips or you can use a foundation brush. Spread evenly all over face avoiding eyes and lips. Let sit for about 10 minutes and wash off with warm water. Follow up with facial oil.

Use 1-3 times per week. You can also try mixing the clay with  Apple Cider Vinegar, Rose Water and Witch Hazel. 



Please consult your Physician before using new products. And always patch test product before use. Our products contain pure essential oils and natural ingredients.

FDA- These statement have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

4-5 Uses  

Store in dry place